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Square Pegs, Round Holes

End of Year at work.

I am an accountant in my day job. January is an an insane month for those of us who have a calendar fiscal year end.

I have an author friend, Sarah Noffke, who made me a character in a few of her books. An accountant with attitude. She also makes fun of accountants a lot. Which I encourage. Accountants are weird. Our entire job revolves around made up rules around made up money and counting things. If you love amazing stories check out her books at

This week has been reconciling accounts for the past year. This means checking that the numbers say what I think they should say at the end of the year compared to the transactions that happened at the beginning of the year. Remember those toys with the different shaped holes? Yeah, that's my job. Oh hey does this go in the square hole?

Super Power

Yeah, that video sums up my life at work sometimes. That is why even though my job should be easy it isn't. You can argue for pretty much anything going into any shaped hole. But at the end of the day I just make things match. This takes some brain power but I have a super power!

My Super power is ADHD. Which means while the part of my brain that thinks math and numbers is fitting square pegs into round holes and vice versa, my creative part of my brain is going 100mph diving into magical worlds.

Wait? I have a super power? Does this mean I'm a super hero?

Nah...I wish. I am no more a super hero than the rest of you. We all have different hats we wear everyday. I wear the working mom hat, the mom of three boys hat, the wifey hat, and the author hat. I have other hats but these ones are the ones I wear most often.

What hats do you wear? Are you a super hero?

Feel free to share your ideas for my blog posts and what kinds of hats you wear by sending me an email. If you give me permission I will share it on my social media and on my blog posts!

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