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Las Vegas conference 2023

What a whirlwind week! My brain is bursting with knowledge. It feels like an overstuffed sausage! Or maybe that's my jeans from all the food I ate! 🤔 🤣

The kids didn't burn the place down while we were gone. I love technology - I could check in with them and see their faces. It also let me message them almost constantly. Then we had friends checking in on the heathens.

So much to learn and so much I learned! I am going to make sure I am visible so yall will be seeing and hearing so much more from me!

Shenanigans while in Vegas:

Someone who shall remain nameless convinced multitudes of people that my husband's name was Mike. Forevermore at conference shall he be Mike.

Met some absolutely lovely people and a handstand may have been done in the ladies bathroom. It was NOT done by me!

The term drunkometer was born and will hence forth be used by me in polite and impolite conversation.

Mike got very tipsy on peanut butter whiskey. But he was the MVP of the night as he took one for the team! (Drank half my shots for me!)

Our last night in Vegas we stayed at Circus Circus (yeah I know, bad idea) there was odd thumping above us. Sounded like the upstairs neighbors were being 'friendly'. But it only lasted about 3 minutes. 🤷‍♀️

Then at 2am our next door neighbors got back from partying. Not sure but they might have been were-hyenas. Their laughter jolted me out of sleep and filled me with adrenaline as I frantically peered around for the pack of hyenas that had burst into my room. Only to sag back in relief when I realized they were next door. Whew! My face wasn't being chewed off by hyenas....tonight. The damage was done though. My fight or flight had been triggered and I was choosing flight.

Poor Mike was snoring next to me, only momentarily having his sleep disturbed. I rolled around, played on my phone then woke him up at 3am. "Take me home!" I demanded. He did....only stopping long enough to remove the privacy doorhanger from the hyenas' room. Someone ought to check that the occupants hadn't had their faces chewed off by the hyenas.

Shenanigans on the way home from conference:

Have you ever stepped on a ranch packet? In your car? Not recommended. Freaking grosssss.....

So many things to see, so many things to do but the highlight of my trip was seeing the coolest freaking trolllike creature trundling down the highway. Not sure if he had a license but he was booking it down the highway right in front of all the mundane people. Amazing!

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