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JS Andrews

Urban Fantasy

Darkness Awakening is JS Andrews's debut novel released May 13, 2022! An Urban Fantasy novel: gritty murder mystery meets single motherhood, with a dash of sarcasm and humor.


Darkness Awakening
Darkness Conflicted
Darkness Unraveled

A world of magic behind the scenes of the normal world. A race of magical beings. Enjoy these thrilling tales today!



Jessica enjoys spending time with her three kids, husband, and horde of naughty critters (which her children could fall under that description). She works as a business manager for a local university in Wyoming and recently obtained her MBA.


Jessica was an imaginative child, constantly playing pretend and spending time in the stories she made up. She would write for hours but never felt brave enough to share her words with others.


Jessica is excited to embark on her journey to overcome expectations and imposter syndrome.

"A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it."

Samuel Johnson


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